It’s time to gather
all the knowledge
to preserve the ocean!

Although countries of the East Asia have been receiving the blessings of the sea, it is getting harder and harder to sustainably utilize the sea. This program aims to foster professionals who can work internationally to preserve that sea, by learning at universities located in China, Korea, and Malaysia in the medium and long term.

Building wisdom to Protect the Ocean

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Our partners

Our partners

Message from Our President

Shigeru Kohno, President of Nagasaki University
The goal is to foster experts who understand the diversity in Asia and preserve the ocean.

The waters of East Asia, such as the East China Sea, have given us blessings. Nevertheless, there is growing concern over issues like marine pollution and overfishing, due to the too competitive use of marine resources and rapidly expanded coastal development. To sustainably use the marine resources, each related country needs to understand those issues and collectively manage the ocean.
Nagasaki University, which aims to realize planetary health, collaborates with universities in China, South Korea, and Malaysia. We promote this program to foster global professional human resources that can realize the sustainable use of oceans in East Asia based on understanding various ways of thinking.Takeshi Nagayasu, President of Nagasaki University

CAMPUS Asia Plus
Steering Committee

CAMPUS Asia Plus Steering Committee

Program Purpose

The Purpose

By providing learning experiences at faculty of fisheries in Asia,
fostering human resources who contribute to preserve oceans.

Specifically, the program encourage students to be

  • Those who can suggest solutions to sustainably utilize the ocean based on the understandings of the diversity in Asia,
  • Those who can formulate practical co-management plans, through the discussions and the comprehension of how important it is to cooperate for the management of oceans and marine resources, and
  • Those who play an active role in preserving marine environments and resources in their own countries and their institutions and supporting international cooperation between related countries.

Program Advantage

The Advantage

Providing learning experiences
through practices and cooperation.

  • Hybrid Short Term Exchange Program
  • Double Degree Program (Master’s Course)
  • Internships in firms related to marine resources

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