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  • Ocean University of China
  • Ocean University of China
  • Ocean University of China
  • Ocean University of China

Ocean University of China (OUC) is a comprehensive university which has the strength in fisheries and oceanography and is listed in ‘Project 211 (Top 100 universities in China). In an area of over 1.6 square kilometers, OUC has three campuses, and more than 27,000 students including the master’s and doctor’s students, Ph.D, and exchange students.
In addition, OUC is the first educational institution that hosted the exchange student and takes internationally focused measures even now. The university has established the solid connections with more than 290 high educational entities and research institutions located in 45 countries and regions.
OCU aims to be the world-class university by fostering well-balanced human resources that has the innovative insight about international societies and stick to taking their own responsibilities.

Ocean University of China
Ocean University of China

Project Preparation Progress (Delivered Results)

OCU focuses on international cooperation and has academic exchange agreements with 270 educational institutions in 45 countries and regions. In 2005, it established the International Alliance of Marine-related Institutions (IAMRI) and participated in ‘Sino-US 10+10,’ a joint project with 10 universities in China and 10 universities in the UC (University of California) system. From 2013, OCU has been in ‘Project 111 for Disciplinary Innovation and Talent Introduction at Higher Learning Institutions. Regarding the review of the government, it ranked the top in the domain of fisheries for three times in 2004, 2007, and 2012. Finally, in 2017, OCU acquired the A+ grade in the discipline of fisheries, and the Ministry of Education included OCU in the list of establishing world-class disciplines.

Exchange Status
Ocean University of China


The establishment of the Private Qingdao University, which is the predecessor of Ocean University of China
The establishment of National Qingdao University on the place where the Private Qingdao University was located. Yang Zhensheng was its first president.
The name was changed into National Shandong University.
All operations of the university were halted due to the war.
Shandong University restarted its education in Qindao, and Mr. Zhao Taimou was appointed as the president again. The Department of Aquaculture and the Marine Research Institute were established for the first time in China.
National Shandong University and East China University were merged, which became Shandong University.
The main campus of Shandong University was relocated to Jina, the capital of the province.
The establishment of Shandong College of Oceanography which consists of remaining faculties and institutions in Qingdao, with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China (MoE).
Shandong College of Oceanography became one of the 23 key universities under the direct control of the MoE in March. In October, it was listed in the 13 key national comprehensive universities.
It was renamed as Ocean University of Qingdao and received an inscription from Deng Xiaoping, who was the former Paramount Leader at that time.
The university was approved as the first national key university in the list of top 100 universities, ‘Project 211.’
The approval to be in ‘Project 985,’ the top 40 universities in China.
The MoE approved the current name, Ocean University of China.
Ocean University of China
Ocean University of China