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AFIMA Leaders Program 2024 Closing Ceremony of Nagasaki University 2024


On Wednesday, June 26, 2024, the closing ceremony for the AFIMA Leaders Program Short-Term Host Program was held at Nagasaki University’s Yokoku Shi Koryu Kaikan.


Unfortunately, it was raining on the day of the ceremony, but it turned out to be a cheerful and heartwarming event, with students dressed in colorful yukata (light cotton kimono) and students from our graduate school who had interacted with AFIMA program alumni attending the ceremony on a voluntary basis.


As Professor Kazuaki Kawamoto handed each student a diploma and a commemorative gift while addressing them individually, the 10 students broke into refreshing smiles.


After the award ceremony, they each gave a short speech, thanking their teachers and others involved and sharing their memories of the three months.


Students looking mysterious during the awarding ceremony





◾️Hyeonbeom LIM Pukyong National University

I was very happy to be able to participate in this program. Shopping at commercial facilities in front of Nagasaki Station and being able to participate in an ice cream festival (Aipaku) and eating ice cream together are good memories of Nagasaki.





◾️Sumin HWANG Pukyong National University

Thank you very much for all your support. I was happy to be able to participate in this program. The lectures were difficult at first, but I tried to understand as much as possible and answer questions from the professors. It was a valuable experience in my life.





◾️Seunga JEONG Pukyong National University

I had a very good experience in Japan. When we went out to sea for practical training, the weather was bad and I got seasick, but that is also a good memory. I think we have built a very good relationship with everyone through this program. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those involved for giving me unforgettable memories and wish you all the best.





◾️Chaerhyeon KIM Pukyong National University

This program has given me great joy and experience in my life. The academic lectures were excellent, incorporating interesting activities and providing suggestions on a variety of topics.





◾️Dasom CHOI Pukyong National University

I am truly grateful for the invaluable relationships I have built with my teachers and friends. These three months have been an unforgettable experience in my life so far. I would like to participate again if given the chance.





◾️Estefania Lourdres SIMA Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my teachers, Korean friends, and Japanese friends who have taken care of me. The training in Kamigoto was particularly impressive. I am grateful to Nagasaki University for giving me the opportunity to search for my future.





◾️Siti Hajjar MUSTAPA Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

I am sincerely grateful to Professor Kawamoto and the other professors, as well as the university staff who took care of me. Japan is punctual, so I tried my best every time not to be late for lectures. I would like to make the most of this experience in the future.





◾️Sharifah Nur Batrisya SYED AZMUDDIN Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

Today is the last day of the program. I want to say “thank you” to the teachers and friends I learned with. I would love to participate in such a wonderful opportunity again.





◾️Hazril Shauqi AHMAD SABRI Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

Thank you to all who have given me this opportunity to be here. I would also like to thank my wonderful Korean friends whom I have become good friends with. The special two-week training period is especially memorable. I will never forget Nagasaki University.





◾️Siti Zuqrina ABDUL HAKAM Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

I am fortunate to have been able to participate in this program. I had a wonderful time and experience thanks to you and your teachers. We believe that we can join forces for the future.




Students listen to Prof. Kawamoto’s speech with serious eyes



Finally, Professor Kazuaki Kawamoto presented a message to the students who completed the AFIMA Leaders Program 2024.


“Our mission is to share and learn technologies for the future and contribute to sustainable fisheries. Please continue to challenge yourself towards the next generation. The future is in your hands.”


Students with smiles on their faces after successfully completing the program.


Students discussing memories of the three months.


Malaysian goods as a gift for 3 months



At the end of the event, everyone moved to the Japanese-style room at the Ip Kokushi Koryu Kaikan for a pleasant chat. Students spend their time as they wish, taking pictures with the beautiful garden in the background and bidding farewell to each other. The students said to each other, “That was fun,” “Let’s meet again,” and promised to see each other again by presenting each other with gifts.


AFIMA Leaders Program2024 Support Teachers

・Kazuaki Kawamoto Professor, Dean
・Hideki Nakayama Professor, Vice-dean
・Yoshiki Matsushita Professor, Vice-dean
・Masaki Nagae Professor
・Hee-Jin Kim  Associate Professor
・Mitsuhide Satou  Assistant Professor